Friday, August 03, 2007

The Role of a Lifetime

I was saddened to hear that Scarlett Johansson had no interest in playing Jenna Jamison in the upcoming movie "Heartbreaker" based on Jamison's best selling book "How To Make Love Like a Porn Star." Scar would have been perfect for the role, all you need to do is look at the photo to the left to see that she can really pull off sexy. Hell, you didn't need the photo to tell you that, but it gave me a reason to post it. Anyone who's seen Johansson act knows she exudes sex appeal, but she also has the needed softness in the face to play Jenna. If Scarlett is not on board, then TGWOOfY proudly presents the 10 actresses who either could, should or would play the worlds most famous porn star. They are in no particular order, and for a picture of each, just click on their names.

1) Elisha Cuthbert, 24. PROS: She's played a porn star before in '04's "The Girl Next Door" and went to Vivid Entertainment to do research on the role. She has all the requisite sex appeal and a pretty comparable figure to pre-implant Jenna. CONS: May not want to go down the porn route again, and seems against nudity in her roles.
2) Kirsten Dunst, 25. PROS: She has a strangle hold on the geek market with her cred from the Spiderman movies. Undeniably beautiful. CONS: Never really done a sexy role, and doesn't quite have that hot smouldering sexy vibe.

3) Laura Prepon, 27. PROS: She has a very intense presence that comes from being a bit of a tomboy, and a great figure. CONS: Jenna is short, and Laura is quite tall, she also doesn't pull blonde off well.

4) Katherine Heigl, 28. PROS: Men love her and women identify with her thanks to her time on Grey's. She, more than anyone else on this list, has the perfect figure to play the early Jenna. CONS: Almost certainly wouldn't be allowed to do this role by the folks at the network who can't afford to lose anything else from Grey's or it will flounder.

5) Abbie Cornish, 24. PROS: She is going to be huge one she gets a big role that a lot of people talk about, and this could be it. She is a knockout to be sure, and can pull off blonde. CONS: She is very young looking for her age, and that would be bad for later scenes in the film. She doesn't have a whole lot of curves.

6) Rachel McAdams, 28. PROS: Something about her smile reminds me of Jenna, and she looks totally different as a blonde. CONS: She is also challenged in the curves department plus she doesn't seem to be one to break the 'good girl' image she's got going.

7) Isla Fisher, 31. PROS: She has a precocious and flirty nature that would lend itself well to the role. Plus, she has a fantastic body that sell as a porn star. CONS: Despite being among the older people on this list she has a young feel to her that may not play well through out the movie.

8) Jenna Fischer, 33. PROS: She can play anything you want, be it Pam or Jenna the hip Hollywood wife in her mock-doc LolliLove. She is also a natural beauty, who can pull sexy off with no problem. CONS: Again, I don't think NBC would be too crazy about this, since The Office is about all they got.

9) Christina Aguilera, 26. PROS: She's looking to make a splash in the world of movies and what a splash this would be. She is just about the sexiest woman on this list, and after having her baby maybe she'll fill out a bit to play the role. CONS: I really can't think of one.

10) Britney Spears, 25. PROS: She needs a comeback in the worst way, and this country has let crazier people back in the door for less. If she were to do this film well it would be a huge step back to the party for her. Plus, she's already shown her junk to everyone. CONS: She can't act her way out of a paper bag.


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