Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live From the Earth, It's Saturday

Will it solve the wolds energy crisis? I doubt it. But maybe Live Earth will end up making a few people think twice about leaving the light on upstairs when they don't plan on going up there till midnight. Plus, they did a good job of appealing to the one thing people really care about... money. The new light bulbs will last five years, and lower your electric bill, so some more people may got on board. It wasn't exactly Sheryl Crow telling people to wipe with only one square of TP, so I think more people than not will take some time to think about their impact on the planet.
As for Saturday, 7/7/07, the music was great. I stayed up late Friday into Saturday to listen to a few of my favorite artists perform at Aussie Stadium. Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins, John Butler and Kev Carmody did a great rendition of "From Little Things Big Things Grow" which is one of my all time favorite songs. Kelly also performed a few other all time fav's in "Deeper Water" and "How to Make Gravy" but sadly he didn't do his new epic "The Ballad of Queenie and Rover."
John Butler Trio and Eskimo Joe were both great, but I was waiting for two of the last few acts to take the stage. Missy Higgins did a fantastic 7 song set that included a few tracks from her 9 time Platinum 2005 record "The Sound of White" in addition to 4 from this year's "On a Clear Night." The ever adorable Victorian is one of the artists who is very convincing in her passion for the cause. Plus she's a top notch performer.

In the end however, it was no secret who everyone, the artists included, wanted to see. "How Great is it going to be to see Crowded House?" Higgins asked as she wrapped up her set. And it was great. They played all the classics, and when the power went out during "Weather With You" Neil Finn joked about putting the message of conservation into practice. "I guess they turned the lights off to send a message. It's OK, as long as we have the PA we're OK." They also played "Weather With You" with all the other acts on stage with them. There was the past present and future of Aussie Music on stage all together like a big family. Oh yeah, and Jack Johnson but I'll look past that. Then they booted the rest off, and just Crowded House came back to wrap things up with a great rendition of "Better Be Home Soon."

All in all it was a great evening, and although the world only got to see Johnson, Wolfmother, and Crowded House on the international broadcast, I got to see it all. At my computer. In the middle of the night. Using electricity to run my computer and my CD recorder. Oh well. At least I had my lights out.

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