Friday, July 20, 2007

More Changes to The List

I just did a massive overhaul of my Top 5 list a few months ago, but I've had a change of heart. And Kat Von D will do that to you. She was among those that I was looking at the last time that I changed, but so much of this list is based on ever changing stimuli. At the time there was a lot of coverage of Katherine Heigl and I succumbed to it. Don't get me wrong, she is a fucking knock-out, but her time has come and gone on the list. So step aside Katherine, and welcome to Kat who Takes her spot at #2.
There is really no denying Kat's extreme hotness. Even if she didn't have one tattoo she would be amazingly beautiful. But, when you take her raven framed face and add some stars around the eyes, she gets even more attractive. That is to say nothing of the rest of the adornment that only seems to enhance her brickhouse of a body. She has all the best features of a true 40's era pin-up to go with the decoration of a modern suicide girl.

In short, she makes me feel funny down in the bathing suit area. And I like it. I am also going to have to say good bye to my old number 5, to make way for another fantastic Cali girl. Gone is Mandy Moore but now arriving at gate 5 is Kari Byron, the hot, part nerd, part artist, part scientist from Mythbusters. Kari has a great body, a thousand watt smile and a brain for science. All of which turn me on no end. I never felt quite right not having three blonds on my list and no redheads, and with the addition of Kari and Kat all is right with the world.

Please to enjoy the following pictures of my new Top 5 list:
#5 Kari Byron, from Mythbusters, sporting a bikini...
...more Kari
#4 Jemina Pearl Abegg, dancin' on stage at a be your own PET show...
... more Jemina
#3 Evangeline Lilly: Ooooooh Canada!
... more Evangeline
#2 Kat Von D: I can't wait for LA Ink...
...more Kat
#1 Liz Phair: I wish she'd come back from her hiatus.
...more Liz

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