Monday, July 30, 2007

Eating Upstate New York

XL and I are back from our road trip through upstate New York, and we ate well while we were away. Here is a review of some of the things we dined on.

We started at Skeeters BBQ in Shamokin Dam PA. Inky and I ate there at the beginning of the month and when Karen took XL and I by there I knew I had to take him. We both got the beef brisket and sat and ate it on the Deck overlooking the Susquehanna River. XL ate my beans and I had his slaw.

For dinner that night we had Dogs and drinks at Frontier Field, the home of the Rochester Redwings. We got to the game a bit late, but no so late that we couldn't sample a redhot and a whitehot. We both preferred the redhot by far over it's white companion. The stadium was also very nice, and featured many other types of classic ballpark fare.

Thursday morning we had a small snack in Niagara Falls NY, before crossing into Canada and riding on the Maid of the Mist. Once back in the states we dined on more Hot Dogs at Ted's Famous Hot Dogs, just outside of Buffalo. We both got the Foot Long, which I put Mustard and Relish on, while XL rocked onions and Ted's famous hot sauce.

Thursday night for dinner we ate at NYEG Stadium, the home of the Binghamton Mets. They were taking on the O's AA team, the Bowie Baysox, so it fit in perfectly with the trip. Plus, it was "Thirsty Thursday" so XL had 4 large Yuenglings to go along with his Cheeseburger. I piled in two cheeseburgers but we both were intrigued by a menu item at the stadium: The Spiedie.

Friday we had lunch at Sal's Pizzeria which is on Main St in Cooperstown. We eat at Sal's just about every time we are in the Village because they make one hell of a slice. It's important to us to have traditions when we go on our trips to the place where baseball lives, and this is a big one. XL and I each downed three pepperoni slices, and set about looking around the Village.

Friday night we got the chance to have our first spiedies. Then we had our second. The first one was at Spiedie and Rib Pit, and they were amazing. XL got a Buffalo Chicken style one, and I had the #6 which was a blue cheese version of the chicken. They were smaller than we thought they would be (maybe 5 inches) and we were still hungry so we rolled down to Lupo's where I had a Pork Spiedie (pictured right) and XL had a regular chicken. Anyone visiting New York’s Middle Tier should take the time to have one of these great sandwiches. The meat is so tender and flavorful that you could easily eat it plain, but on a roll with some tomatoes and other toppings it is like nothing else.

Saturday we got a late start to our day, so we started our eating off with lunch. We stopped in Oneonta NY at a pretty famous place: Brooks House of BBQ. The place looks great, what with it's "Bar-B-Q Plant" out back with Smoke pouring out of it. This is where they do their catering from I guess, but the real star is the building in the front, which is the actual restaurant. The food was out of this world and the service was great too. When our waiter saw XL with a napkin tucked in his jersey he came over with a bib for him. Classic. I don't know what was better, the guy bringing it over or watching XL try and tie a kids bib around his neck.

Saturday night we had some great burgers from the street vendors along Main St. in Cooperstown. There are just so many great places to eat in the home of baseball, and over out half dozen or so visits we have been to almost all of them. One place we have never seen before, but which is apparently popular enough to have at least two locations (the one pictured here in Cooperstown and one in Binghamton) is Foo Kin Chinese food. Say it out loud to yourself to get the joke: Foo-Kin Chinese food.

And on Sunday we had lunch at the Induction Ceremony thanks to Cooperstown High School who were on hand selling dogs, drinks and ice cream. All in all it was a pretty damn good few days for eating, and thanks to the many, many miles we walked to get to and from places of interest we hopefully didn't gain too much weight. Now where did I put those Tums?

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