Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thats My Kind of Injury

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have no love for the New York Yankees. Part of that comes from growing up in a Yankee's hot bed as an Orioles fan. The other part is my complete and utter distaste for the bully. I don't mind when a team wins a lot, just when they resort to spending four times more than most teams to do it. It has given me great pleasure to watch the Yankees spend 200 million dollars a year for the last 6 years and not win a World Series.

A few weeks ago George opened up his check book in an effort to stem the tide of the yankers loosing, and signed 44 year old Roger Clemens to a near record annual contract. After a few very ballyhooed starts in the minors, Roger announced over the weekend that he would miss his first start in the Majors due to a fatigued groin.

Let me say that again: a fatigued groin!

That's the best injury I've ever heard of. I had one of those when I was 14 and I got my hands on a copy of Hustler magazine. My suggestion to Roger, use some lube, and try to keep it to under 4 times a day. The fatigue should wear off.


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