Friday, June 29, 2007

TGWOOfY 25 Records of '07: Half Way Home

I like making lists. That, if anything, should be apparent to anyone who has ever looked at my blog. And Since 2007 is now half over, I thought I'd drop a few music lists on you good folks. Today, I'm going to count down the top 25 records of the year so far, which is based solely on the 39 I have seen fit to buy. Tomorrow I'll hit the top 50 songs of the year to this point, which include singles I've heard on the radio, the net and MySpace. After that, Inky and I will be out of town hiking and B&Bing it for a few days... so you'd better enjoy this dose of Greazy while you can.

#25 Misty O'Dell - The Couch sessions
#24 My Latest Novel - Wolves
#23 The Noisettes - What's the Time Mr. Wolf
#22 Fountains of Wayne - Traffic and Weather
#21 Sarah Shannon - City Morning Song

#20 The Pierces - Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge
#19 Lily Allen - Alright, Still
#18 Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Living with the Living
#17 The Blow - Poor Aim: Love Songs
#16 John Butler Trio - Grand National

#15 The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Self Titled
#14 What Made Milwaukee Famous - Trying to Never Catch Up
#13 Jull Cunniff - City Beach
#12 Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob
#11 WILCO - Sky Blue Sky

#10 Girl in a Coma - Both Before I'm Gone
#9 The Shins - Wincing the Night Away
#8 Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
#7 Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
#6 The Long Blondes - Someone to Drive You Home

#5 Various Artists - Cannot Buy My Soul - This compilation of Aussie artists performing the best work of Aboriginal singer/songwriter Kev Carmody is music at it's best. Great performances and amazingly poignant writing.

#4 Son Volt - The Search - Maybe it's Jay Farrar's unique vocals, or maybe it's his writing and arranging. Whatever it is, I've loved these guys for 12 years and this record is every bit as good as 1995's Trace.

#3 Feist - The Reminder - When it's all said and done this may end up either shooting to #1 or slipping lower. For the last two months I've been playing the hell out of this record with no sign of becoming disinterested. It's quite simply an amazing compilation of a wide array of emotions.
#2 Missy Higgins - On a Clear Night - Missy topped my '05 music list with The Sound of White, and her sophomore effort is all around better than that record. She is an amazing writer and singer and the growth of both of those skills is evident on this record.

#1 The Fratellis - Costello Music - For those of you who only know these Scots by there song "Flathead" which was in the iPod commercials: You're missing out. This record is so easy to listen to, and chock full o' hits. All 13 Tracks are excellent and a hand full of them are all-time great material. In addition to "Flathead" check out "Henrietta" "Chelsea Dagger" Everybody knows You Cried Last Night" and "Whistle For the Choir."

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