Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Take a Hike

Inky and I decided that it was just about time we get out and experience some of natures splendor. So we laid in supplies and last Sunday we hit the trail. We went for a hike at Kelly's Run, in the Holtwood Recreational area in Lancaster County.

The trail winds through deep woods, fords streams both small and large and eventually winds up to a pinnacle with beautiful views of the mighty Susquehanna river. Inky is in better shape than I am, so she did a lot less panting on our way up, but we both made it. It was a fantastic feeling to be out in nature, and also to get a natural workout. There's something so nice about calories burned while having fun vs sitting on an exercise bike.

Along the way, we saw butterflies, crossed an old rusted out bridge, and kicked about in a few streams. I also cut down a little sapling (shh!) with my giant knife and made inky a walking stick.

Now that we've found a trail within 25 miles of our home, we're going to strike out on some other hikes in Eastern PA over the coming days. It's a big week for Inky and I, as we will be going to see Morrissey on Friday night in Philly, and then hiking for a few days from Sunday through Tuesday.


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