Thursday, June 07, 2007

The System is Broken

After serving three full days in prison, Paris is getting sprung. That's unusual, because normally the guy she's blowing is the one who's sprung. This is the worst example of the American System of law breaking down in a long time. This was a small amount of time to begin with (23 days in jail out of a possible 45 for good behaviour) but now she gets to finish out her sentence under house arrest.

The should make her serve it in my house rather than her's, than it might be a penalty. Never mind the fact that she checked into jail late at night on Sunday, left early on Thursday and gets credit for 5 days served. But, now she is going to be able to spend the next 40 days in her opulent LA digs, with only an ankle bracelet to stop her from leaving. Do you know what 99% of Americans call spending 6 weeks in a posh Beverly Hills estate? The best vacation they've ever had, that's what.

What's to stop her from sending out limos to pick up all her friends and having a party at her house for each of the next 40 nights? This is supposed to be a punishment? Well, the next time she drives drunk or recklessly and hits an average person (they call us "normies") and kills them, maybe the family of that victim should sue the LA Sheriff in addition to the Hilton's. But, I'm sure they'd find a way out of that too... Money is Hot!


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