Sunday, June 24, 2007

Let's Make a Deal

I went to yet another Minor League baseball game last night. In addition to a beautiful night and a great game (more on that later) I saw a sight only to be found in York. Just outside the men's bathroom along the third base line sat the little scooter you see above. It was sporting the "For sale by owner sign" but the owner didn't seam to be around. York is a strange town, filled with strange people to say the least. I haven't called the number to see how much he or she (you would guess he because it was outside of the men's room) wants for the scooter. If any of my readers are interested, give a call... tell 'em Greazy sent ya!
As for the game, it was an example of everything I love about baseball. You can watch the game everyday for your whole life and still see something you never saw before. In this game, the Rev's and the visiting Somerset Patriots were scoreless into the 13th inning. York's two best players were unavailable at this time as Matt Dryer was at his brother's wedding and Nate Espy had already pinch hit and was pulled from the game with a bad hamstring.
So with no other position players left (one having been kicked out along with Manager Chris Hoiles) Ryan Minor inserted pitcher Charlie Hesseltine in the game as the DH. He struck out in his first at bat, with the winning run at third. But, in the 13th he drew a walk and was sacrificed to second. The next batter was intentionally walked to set up a double play. Ramon Nivar hit a shot to 3B Jeff Nettles who threw to second for the second out. 2B Danny Garcia's relay throw to first was high, allowing Hesseltine to score the winning, and only run.

I love this game.

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