Friday, June 15, 2007

Home Game

My home town team had to play their first 35 games on the road, but they're coming home tonight. The York Revolution were 14-21 on their month and a half road trip, but the reward is playing the rest of the season with only a few road trips to go on, and none more than a week.

Basically, that means its time to Play Ball!

I have tickets to all three games this weekend, and I am excited to see the progress made on the stadium. It's not 100% done, but as I go to games this year I will be able to see the progress made. They still need to finish the concession stands on the third base line, and in the outfield, and The skyboxs are not finished yet, and won't be open for opening day. I think that's kind of fitting; the rich folk will have to sit with us common folk for a while.

Even though I'm over the moon about having a team 5 miles from my house, many others are not. A small, but vocal, group of hicks, hayseeds and rednecks are up in arms that the stadium was even built. They are also upset that it is being opened before it's fully done. To those people I say this: Fuck you. We got our way, now deal with it.


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