Sunday, June 10, 2007

Go The Cats!

The Orioles Suck, and the Redskins are shaping up to have another ho-hum season. The York Revolution are 8 games under .500 after a month and a half on the road. For years now my summer comes to a halt, sports wise, around this time, but now I have something to carry me through to the hope that is the start of the NFL training camps.

I have Footy.

After visiting Australia one thing I took away was the fact that when it comes to being crazy about your sports the Aussies have it over us in spades. Take your average Yankee fan and multiply it by a power of 10. And I can see why, they have some very cool sports. Rugby League and Rugby Union are good, and there is no greater rivalry in the world than the Ashes series between Oz and the UK in Cricket. The baseball team won Silver at the last Olympics and the Soccer team did very well in the World Cup. But, for me it is all about Aussie Rules Football.

So this weekend was great for me, since the Geelong Cats topped the Adelaide Crows after the Essendon Bombers narrowly defeated the West Coast Eagles. With this scenario the Cats are now on the top of the AFL leader board. There is much of the season to go, and the Cats want to be sure that they haven't peaked too early... but at least they've peaked! That's more than I can say for the Orioles. Oh well, at least I still have the Cats, and my countdown to Cal Ripken's HOF induction.


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