Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Everyday Annoyance

I can't tell you how often I feel like rear ending someone and dragging them kicking and screaming from their car. What provokes this feeling in me? People who don't know how to use a fucking turn signal. Every day when I leave my house I have to sit and wait at a busy intersection, which is just part of life. What drives me crazy, however, is the people who come barreling down the road, only to turn on to the street that I am waiting on. If they had just used a turn signal, then I could have pulled out earlier, thus keeping myself from being robbed of a few more seconds of my life.

The only thing I hate more than people who don't use a turn signal is the people who use it... as they are turning or way before they do. Listen up fuckwits: The turn signal is there to tell people you intend to turn. Meaning sometime in the very near future, not an hour from now. (Inky says: no more than 100 feet from the turn.) And it is not meant to tell people that you are turning, the very fact that you are turning will tip them off to that. Nothing pisses me off more than a person who cuts me off, and then puts their signal on. Except maybe, a person who comes flying down a road that I am waiting to turn on to (with my signal on mind you) and then breaks hard, cuts the wheel and lastly puts on their signal. Those people deserve to get syphilis.


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