Monday, May 14, 2007

Record Review: Feist

I’ve really been enjoying the new record "The Reminder" from Feist over the last few weeks. In the Pantheon of 2007 record releases, she occupies the same space taken up by Cat Power last year. Like Cat Power's "The Greatest" this record is getting a lot of first time main stream attention. And like Cat Power, Leslie Feist has been making music long before the big music mag's decided to pay her attention. She has been involved with many other acts such as Peaches, Gonzalez and Broken Social Scene, but has also released 3 other solo records.

"The Reminder" is her most accessible disc to date, much as "The Greatest" was for Cat Power. Unlike Chan Marshall, who dealt with alcoholism and a battle with depression around last year's release, Feist seems poised to make a lot of noise with this record and tour. I'm not immune to a really good record, even if it is a bit of a media darling, and so I'm prepared to give my TGWOOfY stamp of approval to this disc.

There are a few songs that jumped out at me right away, including "I Feel It All" which is by far my favorite on the record. It's uptempo and some what alt-country with it's deep guitar notes, high pitched piano and playful tambourine. The one word I keep seeing people use when refering to this album is "danceable" and this is one of those toe-tapping tracks, but I don't dance, as a rule so I'm limited to bobbing my head along and pumping the volume. Feist has an amazing voice and that is evident on the whole record. "Brandy Alexander" is a great track that starts light and slow, with kick drum and snaps the only accent to her voice, but it picks up to soaring vocals and a strong piano driven tune.

Other standouts on the record are "1234" and "My Moon My Man" which are both a bit more on the "danceable" side. There are other, slower songs as well all of which serve to show of Feist's amazing voice and writing ability. The record features a few nice changes of pace, that make for an easy listen from start to finish. There are also more than a few lines that will jump out at you after a second or third line that are memorable. All in all, it is a great listen.


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