Friday, May 18, 2007

Narowing the Field

So on Wednesday, I posted my starting list of 34 women from which I will end up with my Top 5. I know it will be crushing to those who are eliminated, but I have to do what I have to do. From the original 34 I am going to step down today to 12 and then on Sunday I'll be posting my final 5. Click on the link to see photos or bios.

In the TV/Movies category I've kept Evangeline, Katherine, Sarah, Jenna and Mandy. I have to say good bye to both ladies from GH, Kelly and Rebecca who effectively balanced each other out. Gone also are two Oscar winners in Angelina and Halle, who have both been on the list before. It was hard to say goodbye to a few of my favorite TV babes in Kat and Kari, they may pop up on a later version of the list. Two Aussie women bow out with the loss of Isla and Abbie. And Scarlett and Kate were the last two on the bubble who didn't make the cut.

Among the musicians still viewing for a spot in the Top 5 are Jemina, Missy and Ani who are are all being considered for the first time. Liz is the only member of the of my current Top 5 who is still in the running for this incarnation. Sheryl and Christina fall from top spots all the way off the list. Kelly and Kate were hard to let go of, but there's only so much room. I also had to say G'day to a few fantastic Aussie songstresses in Ella and Clare.

The sports category was the hardest hit, retaining only 3 of the original 10. Still alive are racer Danica and beach babe Misty. While Sue made it on to the list her teammate in Seattle, Lauren, did not. Neither did Jodi, Shannon, or Stacy who are all great but are all out of the spotlight right now. Natalie could rally and Amanda or Rachel's stock could rise when the next Olympics come around.

Any thoughts or disagreements? Let me know...

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