Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ladies Love Cool Greazy

For as long as Inky and I have been together (10 1/2 years) we have joked about our list of famous people we are allowed to sleep with outside of our marriage. They have to be people of some noticable amount of fame, and they have to be commonly know. That's where the blog comes in; it's my public announcement of my list of 5 lucky ladies who are able to party with the Greazy One. Right now my list is 1) Sheryl Crow 2) Liz Phair 3) Scarlett Johansson 4) Christina Aguilera 5) Lauren Jackson.

The time has come to shake things up, and that starts at the top. Sheryl Crow has been on my list for as long as I've had one, and for just cause. I've always loved her music, and she is a beautiful woman, but it's time for her to go. I always kind of hoped that she would get pregnant so she would put some weight back on, but now with her adopting, I guess that's not going to happen. So as long as I'm dropping Sheryl, I decided to rethink the whole list. Here are the 36 candidates:

TV and Movies (16):
Evangeline Lilly 27: Lost
Katherine Heigl 28: Grey's Anatomy, Side Effects
Sarah Shahi 27: Old School, The L Word
Kelly Monaco 31: General Hospital, Dancing With the Stars
Abbie Cornish 25: Somersault, Candy, A Good Year
Scarlett Johansson 22: The Island, Match Point
Jenna Fischer 33: The Office, Lollilove
Mandy Moore 24: Chasing Liberty, Saved!
Kaley Cuoco 21: 8 Simple Rules
Angelina Jolie 31: Gia, Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Halle Berry 41: Monsters Ball, Swordfish
Rebecca Herbst 30: General Hospital
Kate Winslett 31: Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Isla Fisher 33: Wedding Crashers, Home and Away
Kat Von D 25: Miami Ink, LA Ink
Kari Byron 32: Artist, Myth Busters
Music (10):
Liz Phair 40: Exile in Guyville, Whip-Smart
Missy Higgins 24: The Sound of White, On a Clear Night
Clare Bowditch: What Was Left, Autumn Bones
Kate Jackson 28: Lead Singer of The Long Blondes
Jemina Pearl Abegg 19: Lead Singer of be your own PET
Ella Hooper 25: Lead Singer of Killing Heidi
Sheryl Crow 45: Tuesday Night Music Club, C'mon C'mon
Christina Aguilera 27: Stripped, Back to Basics
Ani DiFranco 36: Little Plastic Castle, Knuckle Down
Kelly Clarkson 25: Breakaway, My December
Athletes/Models (10):
Jodi Albert 23: Actress/Model
Lauren Jackson 26: Basketball Player
Sue Bird 27: Basketball Player
Danica Patrick 25: Race Car Driver
Natalie Gulbis: 24 Pro Golfer
Amanda Beard 25: Olympic Swimmer
Misty May 29: Volleyball Player
Rachel Wacholder 31: Volleyball Player
Shannon McGuire 22: Australia's Next Top Model
Stacey Keibler 27: Model, Cheerleader



Jer said...

Are there truly no guys on your list?

I imagine that I'm as straight as they come, yet there are a couple guys on mine...

Not even ONE?

ycpgreazy said...

The one caveat to the list is you must also name a “go to guy” who’s ostensibly the person you’d go gay for. Mine have been pro athletes, actors and a few musicians. I can appreciate a really attractive guy, but not as obsessively and weirdly as I do with women.