Friday, May 04, 2007

Fresh Ink

I took the next step in completing the sleeve on my left arm tonight. I went down to Baltimore to sit with my artist for three hours to get some more of the project done, and I hope to be back in June to have more done. I had already had the compass rose done, which I got back in '03. The next piece I got on the left arm was the southern cross, which I added in the summer of '05 after we got back from Oz. Next came the scroll in the summer of '06, which reads Vita Nostra Brevis Est. Venit Mors Velociter (Our lives are short. Death comes quickly)

In February of '07 I went in to have Angel tie it all together with a few new items. The sleeve now sports an anchor, a sea serpent and an 18th century three masted sloop of war. In my first session we were able to complete the anchor, and this time around we finished the water around it, as well as most of the rope tied to it. Plus we were able to finish most of the work on the ship. In the next sitting we'll be tackling the sky that will span the area between the horizon line and the compass which also goes around the scroll.

There's something so wonderful about getting a new tattoo. Even though it hurts, and the first day or two after you get a big chunk done can be uncomfortable, it is such good feeling. I just keep looking down at it, and it makes me happy to see the art that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.


Jer said...

that is fantastic.

I for one would like to see some better pictures. Especially if you have drawings of what the final work will look like.

ycpgreazy said...

As soon as this round heals up, I should be able to get some better pics. Plus, when Inky gets home, I’ll have someone to take them for me, rather then trying to take a right-handed photo of my left arm.