Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Baseball: More Enjoyable If You Don't Care.

I love everything about Baseball. I think it is the most perfect sport ever invented, as evidenced by the fact that even the fastest man in the world can't beat out a sharp ground ball to short, when cleanly fielded. In 56 days XL and I are going to Cooperstown to see Cal Ripken Jr inducted into the Hall of Fame, in what proves to be my Orioles highlight of the decade.

The Birds have just plain sucked for the past 10 years, made all the more annoying since the Yankees have won 3 titles in that time. (Although to be fair they haven't won one since 2000 and are in last place right now.) The last time I remember really feeling connected to an O's game was October 6th, 2001 when Ripken played his last game. If Brady Anderson could have taken a fucking pitch, Ripken might have come to the plate with a chance to go out with a bang. But, Brady swung at ball 4, and Cal was left stranded on deck. I was left stranded for the past 5 years, waiting for this summers induction.

A funny thing happened during the wait, however, that has me excited about baseball again. No, O's owner Peter Angelos didn't die, my home town got an independent minor league team. (see the mock up of the York Stadium bellow) I'm a fan of most things independent, be it Music, Movies, book or record stores, but I had never paid much attention to indie baseball. Until now.

I've watched a few of the Revolution's games on the road, (the picture above is from a Rev's game in Camden NJ) and listened to a bunch more on the radio. They are a good enough team, and I do look forward to checking where they are in the standings, and maybe even following them to a league title in the future. But, for now, I'm just happy to have a team around the corner, and maybe more importantly; one that I don't have to live and die with.

I don't like the way I feel when the O's or the Redskins lose. It makes me mad, and then I get madder still that I'm mad that a bunch of millionaires lost a kids game. Over the past few years, I have tried to back down from the ledge that is sports fanaticism. Part of that has involved watching more sports that I have not traditionally been immersed in, like Aussie Rules Football and WNBA basketball. Those are great, but my first love is baseball and I've missed having a team to follow with just the right amount of interest.

There here now, and in 16 days they will be playing a game right down the street!


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