Thursday, April 05, 2007

Song Spotlight: "Get Up Outta The Dirt" by The Butterfingers

Back on January 23rd I spotlighted the song "Yo Mama" by and Aussie Hip Hop group called Butterfingers. They have a very unique and refreshing approach to music, that I think the sceen is sadly missing these days. They are irreverent and funny, although some my just see them as crass and disgusting. They sing songs about compleat non-sequitors and also have a few pointed things to say on the political tip. "Yo Mama" was from their '04 record "Breakfast at Fatboys" and that record also featured a song called "Is It Just Me" As an American it would be easy to thing some of the lines in the song are about the US, and President Bush "Is it just me or is the leader of the Country some kind of weiner? Voter must be drunk on funky cold medina to be so confussed about which policy to choose. Everytime he make's a promise, I am honestly amused." Those lines are actualy about their Prime Minister, John Howard, but some concepts are universial. To that end, I present "#35 on the TGWOOfY top 100 songs of 2006.

If You Sniffle cause your life's difficult that's typical
but you get what you give, karma is reciprocal
And I'm critical of people on my nuts
Cunts who are aren't crippeld, but they're stuck up in their ruts.
Quick to make a fuss, they love busting a bubble
This is my rebuttal to we like 'em when they're trouble

I got a coupleof bones to pick
it's your life don't whine, take ownership
Get up, stand up throw ya hands up
While i hijack ya mind back from propaganda,
with anti slander, truth and candor
and it's good for the goose as it is for the gander.

Every gamut of the planet reaps what it sows
forget about ya hair and forget about ya clothes
same goes for you woes. For the moment is priceless
Puberty blues become midlife crisis.
Surprise, Ya get wiser, older, fatter
Ya lose ya mind and controle of your bladder
Madder than a hatter and pissin in ya pants
Everybody's ugly if you give them a chance.

There's never been a better time then right now to get up out of the dirt.
This isn't an attack, or a lack of compassion
but, you gotta get yourself back into action
Tap into ya passion, and follow it up
Either that or let the madness swallow you up.

How full is your cup? Half full or half empty
you're the envy of plenty, tread gently
Apathy is deadly and if you got deed of doubt
with the means to sprout
you need to weed them out

I read about people with cares
and feel for the hunger stricken killed in Ziare.
Children die there from extream poverty,
I put in perspective and my problems don't bother me.
Think positive, forget about the negative
There's never been a better time to get ya shit together
it's bad etiquette to bitch and moan
With your nice clean clothes and your mobile phone.

If you can't see your feet, cause you over eat,
and that's your bigeest problem then ya life is sweet.
Not sleeping on the street?
Then you probably got it good .
Get up, hold ya head up. If you can then ya should.

There's never been a better time than right now to get up out of the dirt.
Stand up straight
don't take no shit
Ears over shoulders
shoulders over hips
it's time for a change so make it swift
cause your only getting older
You're alive, why don't ya live.


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