Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's over 80....Let's Get Naked!

I went to college during the grunge era, when girls wore baggie tops and even looser jeans or chords. What a difference a decade makes. The mercury passed 80 here in central PA over the last 4 or 5 days, and skin has been on display all over campus. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, because I wouldn't dream of it. But, there's a kind of girls-gone-wildification of this crop of young people that I am often amazed by. Sure, when I was in school you would get the odd occasional boob flash from a drunk girl at a party, but there was alcohol involved. Maybe it's because Britney, Paris and Lindsay feel free to flash their snatches every other week that today's youth are so comfortable showing off more skin.

All I know is this; they can't wait to show you what they've got. In the last few days since it's started to get nice out, I've seen a few different examples of this. Late last week I saw another School's Baseball Team getting changed... in my parking lot. There they were, 25 or so young men in various states of undress. Half had no shirts on, others were standing in just their sliding shorts and a cap (because baseball players love their hats) and not a one of them seemed to be uncomfortable. And it's not just the boys, I also saw a young female student whip her shirt off and reach into her backpack for another one, with no regard for the fact that she was standing there in just her undergarments. It took me a few months of living with my roommates in college before I would walk around in my boxers, and I was much, much, much thinner then. And most girls I knew could change their bra without even so much as taking their shirts off.

All I have seen can not measure up to what I apparently missed on Monday, when I was not at the office. Several different independent sources have told me the same story so I must believe that it did happen, although I can not possibly believe fully until I see it with my own eyes... or on youtube. Here's how they say it went down: At about 3:00 a group of about 10 to 15 bikini clad coeds walked out on to the field next to my office with a ball and began a spontaneous volleyball game. Apparently there was no net, and they were using a soccer ball, but let's face it, this game was not about side-outs and kills, it was about getting a date for Friday night. They attracted a crowd as they jumped, ran and jiggled about in their tiny swimwear.

Call me a "Doubting Greazy" but I will not believe until I see with my own eyes. And with only 18 days left in the semester time may be running out for my proof to show it's self. So I'll have to get by on faith. One day at a time. One day at a time.


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