Monday, March 19, 2007

Record Reivew: The Fratellis

Ok. Are you ready for the next, next, next, next big thing out of the UK? It was about this time last year when I was gushing about the debut record from Arctic Monkeys, and I still think they are great. In fact with their new record coming out this year, I've been in a very UK state of mind, what with acts like Camera Obscura, Lily Allen, Art Brut, The Long Blondes, The Good The Bad and The Queen, and now three boys from Glasgow: The Fratellis. If you're anything like me then your first thought about where these blokes got their name is the movie Goonies, but they swear that's not the case.

What is crystal clear is that this group is fantastic. Most people out there will know at least one of their songs, since "Flathead" has been featured in Ipod ads for a while now. It is a classic toe-tapping, head banging, Pub tune. It's catchy melodies have already grabbed you when the chorus chimes in with it's "ba da bop, ba da da doe's, and makes you want to sing along. At time's it almost seems as if they have an endless stream of influences ranging from The Beatles and 60's sounds on Everybody Knows You Cried Last night and to a kind of Flogging Molly sound on Chelsea Dagger. Then there's a track like The Gutturati? that brings a lot of those aspects together. There's even something for skapop fans on the 2:48 For the Girl.

It would be my guess that the Fratellis are a group who would appeal to a wide swath of Brit rock music fans. From old school British Invasion enthusiasts to both sides of the Oasis vs. Blur debate there's something for all. Lead singer John (Lawler) Fratelli has all of the polish of a veteran singer yet plenty of accented ruff spots that provide grit to his vocals. Musically, the three piece is tight, and has a live feel to many of their tracks accented by the drinking-song like sing-along choruses. Plus to top it all off, the Album Cover is a fantastic 50's pinup style, and anyone who knows me knows that scores big points with me. I think you should head out and pick up the US relase of this record, which dropped on 3/13 and crank your stereo and raise a pint!


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