Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh my god! They killed..... Captain America?

The first comic book I ever bought multiple copies of was called "The many deaths of Batman" where it appeared as if the Caped Crusader would be killed. I was sorry when I only bought one copy each of Batman 426, 427, 428 and 429 the latter being the issue where Robin (Jason Todd) dies. So a few months later when I saw that Batman 433 started a three part series featuring the words "death" and "batman" I made sure to get 4 or 5 copy's of each, which went right into bags with backing boards. What do you want from my life? I was 12, and I had paper route money to burning a hole in my pocket. Plus I saw it as an investment, and it paid off a few years later when I sold all my comics to buy my first car.

Even as a 12 year old I knew this killing of super hero's was just a tactic to sell more comics. When I was in college I was well past my comic collecting years, but even I picked up an issue when I heard that they were killing off Superman. But, that was all different. Superman wasn't even human, and we all knew there had to be some plausible way they could bring him back. The Jason Todd version of Robin was hated by most comic readers (lil greazy included) so DC set up a phone number you could call to vote on if he should live or die. And die he did, to make maters worse he died at the hands of the Joker who had become the Iranian Ambassador/ terrorist and was trying to help Iran wipe Israel off the map! The drawing of the Joker in the turban was hilarious by the by. So nobody was all to concerned with these super hero deaths.

But Captain America? Does anyone else see any irony here? Steve Rogers became Captain America to fight Hitler, and to do so he was made the embodiment of everything that we stood for and Hitler stood against. Although it's funny to realize that they story credits some secret genetic altering drug for making Cap all that he became, a bit more like Hitler then we might have known in 1941. Killing this fictional beacon of Americanism via a snipers bullet would be bad at any time. Doing it in the middle of one of worst, and least-American war is just down right awful. What next? Are we going to retire Uncle Sam and replace him with a sleazy pimp that says "you'll do bitch" rather than "I want you!" While we're at it maybe it would be more fitting if Captain America's replacement was Captain Commerce, or Mr. Multinational Corporation.

It's all a sign of the time. I'm not an over patriotic person by any means, but I do love my country. So, I'm sad to see even a fictional coalescence of our finest attributes perish. Rest in Peace Cap. You'll be missed.


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frank said...

capt. america was GAY...