Monday, March 05, 2007


You know who hasn't scrawled 666 on her shaved head in rehab? Christina Aguilera. I was looking over the Sydney Morning Herald this morning when I came across a story that says, in part, that Britney Spears wrote the sign of the beast on chrome dome. It also goes on to say that friends say that Britney is addicted to crystal meth which may be at the root of her raving that she was the Antichrist.

Come on people! I've been saying Britney was the Antichrist for years, and now she's just proving how smart I am. It was more than a year ago, 2/13/06, when I first posted about Brit due to her little drive with her kid on her lap. Then on 3/30/06 I did a post about all the flap about a statue of Britney giving birth. Then on 5/10/06 we found out that she was pregnant again with another K-Fed demon spawn, and on 9/13/06 I had to poke fun at her for having two babies with in one 365 day span. All that child-birthin' can be rough on a young lady, and Brit gave us all a close up look at what it's done to her, so I did my 5th and last post of the year about her on 12/02/06.

That's 5 posts out of 197 I did in 2006! That's 2.5% of my efforts directed at blasting this no talent, waste of space. This should give you some sort of idea how much I hate the fact that she is famous. Note: I don't hate Her but that's only because I haven't met her. I hate the way she was propped up in the beginning even though she wasn't really doing anything of merit. And I hate the fact that all of this craziness will be forgotten in two or three years when she makes a comeback, or is in a movie where she shows her tits, call it the Mariah Carey rule.

If the article in the SMH is to be believed (and most likely it isn't) Britney also attempted suicide by tying a bed sheet around her neck and trying to hang herself. There's no jokes here, it is sad enough by it self. Maybe it's time we all (me included) just stop paying attention to her and allow her to pull her life together. I'd be more than willing to do that if she would just sign a contract that says she'll never sing again. Seems fair.


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Angry Inky said...

I always had a feeling she was one of Cletus and Brandyne's kids. Crystal Meth!!!