Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Hair Up There.

Like many other people who have watched a University of Texas basketball game this year, there was a freshman who caught my eye. Unlike most of the other people, I was not noticing Kevin Durant, DJ Augustin or even Damion James, who are all fantastic freshman players at UT. I couldn't help notice Matt Hill, who got some extra minutes when Durant twisted his ankle in a loss to Kansas back on March 3rd. It wasn't because he came in and scored a ton of points in Durant's stead, because he only averages 2.3 PPG and 2.6 RPG this season off the bench. It was the hair, man.

Let's put it this way, if Hill does get a start next year once Durant has jumped to the NBA, the play-by-play announcer could use a line from the classic movie Fletch. Matt Hill starts at Forward, wearing number 21. He stands 6-9, 7-0 with the afro.

I mean.....damn! That's one of the finest white-boy afro's I've seen in my life. It's perfectly round, and that doesn't happen by accident. More impressive then it's shape is it's size, easily giving him another 3 to 4 inches of height. That boy must spend hours making his caucasio that fly. Never mind the fact that it doesn't even seem to bounce that much as he runs, so the internal support structure must be amazing. In a game played by 70% black players I don't know if it's more likely that the black guys give him shit for his hair, or if they love it. I watch a lot of college basketball at all levels, and I've seen a lot of old school afros but I think Hill is in the running for MVA, Most Valuable Afro.

And in the end, let's face it, his "jew-fro" is funnier because it's red. If it were jet black it wouldn't have the same effect, but as it is now he looks like Kyle Broflovski. I wish Matt and the Longhorn's the best of luck in the NCAA Tournament because I would love to see that head of hair make it to the final four. It's just a shame they don't give out medals for first, second and third like they do in high school, because I would love to see someone have to put a medal over that dude's melon. Hook 'em Horns!



Angry Inky said...

Boy's hair is on point. Stylin' indeed. I see big things for him

jcroom said...

I have to say, I think hair goes a long way toward success in sports. It's not just he head hair either. I submit for your approval one Jose Valentine, former White Sox warm body, now NY Mets semi-star. That guy is fueled 100% by his mustache. The guy has a killer stache and I have no doubt that it is that fuzzy guy on his lip that powers at least half of his homeruns. I'm not sure who or what is resposible for his strikeouts, but you can't blame the moustache power for that. Also, the mighty Bake McBride comes to mind.... serious afro going on there. Back to the stache, don't even get me started on Rolly Fingers. Finally, take a look at Ben Wallace. He toned down his hair after he left Detroit and came down here with the Bulls and his game is off a bit this year. Hair truly does make the athlete.