Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Bracket

Opening day of Baseball, The NFL Draft, Superbowl Monday, and The first day of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. These are the 4 sports Holiday's I normally observe. I don't like to work on opening day, even though I haven't gone in two years to see the Orioles because they blow. This year I'll be observing that holiday on May 15th when the York Revolution open their home season. The NFL Draft is a weekend event, but In some of my jobs I've had to work Saturdays and it's been necessary to call out on that day. Much like Presidents Day or Memorial Day, the holiday for the Superbowl is observed on the following Monday. I'm at work today against my better intentions because I'm trying to save vacation days so Inky and I can return to Oz some time in the next year and a half.

Being at work hasn't taken away from my joy, however, since I took the time to fill out brackets for The Men's and Women's DI tourney, the NIT and The men's DIII tourney. I have Wisconsin, UCLA, Georgetown, and Ohio St. as my Final four for the DI men's, UNC, Maryland, UConn, and Duke in the Women's and Michigan, NC State, Vermont and Syracuse in the NIT. The DIII tournament starts two weeks before the DI one so the final four is already set and I have three of them still alive with Virgina Wesleyan, Wooster and Amherst still kicking. I picked Wisconsin Stevens Point to make it back to Salem, but they were knocked off by Washington University.

My champion picks are: Men's DI: Ohio St over UCLA, Women's: UNC over Duke, NIT: NC State over Syracuse, Men's DIII: Wooster over Stevens Point.

So far so good. I hope you all enjoy the holiday.


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