Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We Won't Be Fooled Again

There was a time when I had to be the first to have the new hot item. I saved up money from my paper rout back in ’89 so I could buy a Sega Genesis. Then in ’95 I waited on line at Toys R Us to buy the first PlayStation console. Five years later, as a married man, I dragged my wife to Best Buy after hearing a rumor that they had a few PS2’s and I spent my whole monthly bonus on it, and a few games. I always loved the idea of being on the forefront of technology, and the last time I pushed that envelope was almost 5 years ago when Inky and I got our Tivo, at a time when most people were still confusing it with the bad guy from the movie Friday.

I’ve changed. It’s not that I don’t like cool new things, because I do. It’s that I’ve seen the prices on these things drop after I have paid full price one time to often. I paid well more than $450 for my PS2 purchase when you factored in a few games, an extra controller and the stand that let you set it up vertically. Then the next summer you could find it for $100 cheaper. Then in ’02 Inky and I bought a beautiful 36” Sony Vega TV that was as expensive as it was heavy. After a year that same TV was half as much, and right now you can get one for next to nothing, that is if you can still find one.

Now I’m smarter. We’ve held on to that big ass TV as almost everyone we know has run out and dropped more than a grand on a 42” or bigger flat screen. In the new aspect ratio a 42” TV is about the same as an old 35” so most of these folks are making the same mistake that Inky and I did. In a year or two we will go in and buy the same TV for a third of the price. It’s not that I’m cheep, far from it. It’s that I consider myself too smart for fall for this crap again.

It is for all these reasons that I will not buy Windows Vista, or a new computer until 2009. You see, that’s when Microsoft plans on releasing Windows Vienna which will take Vista’s place. This is like a guy who starts looking for a new girl just as soon as he starts dating someone. We had 5 years between the launch of XP and Vista, but it looks like Billy boy is back to his old tricks, and I won’t bite. Not again!


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