Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PLAY BALL!!!! (in 75 days)

There are 75 days until professional baseball comes back to York Pennsylvania in the form of the York Revolution. As minor league baseball names go, this one is pretty gay. I guess it could be worse, we could be the river sharks, or the sea dogs or some other combination of things that don't go together like the chocolate pickles! Actually, I would buy at York Chocolate Pickles jersey. I was pulling for an ethnically insensitive name for the team like the York WOPS, now there's a jersey and hat that would have been coming home with Greazy Tony. I figure with all the outcry about Indian names the best way to solve it is to have a few teams that slap down other people, you know Like the Lancaster Fighting Amish and the Boston Drunkin' Micks. Good times.

In all seriousness, I am really excited about baseball in my hometown. This was going to be the last year I had any connection to Major League Baseball anyway. The Orioles, who I have rooted for since childhood, blow goat. There is no way around it, they are just plain awful and it's not a lovable looser thing like the Cubs, they just stink up the joint. If they were trying and playing bad I would be OK with it, but the ownership isn't even trying. So once Cal Ripken was inducted into the Hall of Fame in July, my dance with MLB was pretty much at and end.

Now I will have a team of "has beens and never will be's" to Cheer on from May to September. Not only does independent minor league baseball axe the worst month of the season (April) off but they field a group of guys who you cheer for because of the name on the front of their jersey. They will bring in a bunch of wash out pitchers and hitters but the beauty of it is that they are all at about the same skill level. So if the pitcher is at a C+ and the hitter is a C+ then it looks like great baseball. It's not like football where if everyone sucks you get... well your average high school game. Here the dynamics of the most perfect game ever invented allow for a contest that is pleasing to the eye, in so much as that eye belong to a casual baseball fan. Most people don't care that the big 1B can't hit a pitch on the inside of the plate, because most of the pitchers can't consistently paint the inside. The nuance may be gone, but he flow of the game will still be there.

And so I say Play Ball! In 75 more days!


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