Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Blood Runs Cold, The Devil is a Centerfold.

Inky and I have a lot of Calendars in our house, and for the most part they are based on things that bring us joy. Between us we have two Australia Calendars, A sports on, a South Park one and best of all a Kat Von D calendar with her in all of her glorious busty, tattooed splendor. Calendars can bring such joy to a home! Of course they can also be 12 months of evil incarnate like the RNC 2007 edition. For just $25 you can own this spiffy calander that features photos of the worst President in history, plus as an added bonus you also get a father who stands up for people who hate his daughter. That's right, Dick is Mr. August. Take a moment to rinse that vomit from your mouth and read on.

Luckily for everyone, Dick isn't splayed out on a sofa in just a pair of jeans and chaps or anything. In fact, someone was thinking ahead and made sure that Dick's body is not visible in the photo, good on ya. I laugh thinking about the people who get on line, pay for this piece of shit, and then anxiously await it's arrival, just so they can see W 11 months a year and Dick in August. That would be like waiting in line for the George W. Bush dollar coin in 2017, when it comes out. Of course by then we will have had enough time to look back at all the time encompassed by this calendar, and the last 6, and realize that it was one of the lowest points in our nation's history.

I can't wait for January 2oth 2009.


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