Wednesday, February 07, 2007

God Hates those who hate in His name.

People normally get excited when a well known national act come to their town. The Rolling Stones, the New York Yankees, Foghat... hell even Disney on Ice. These things are big deal in most towns in America, causing a stir of anticipation. This weekend my town will be invaded by a small well known cult of self promoting false profits. I wont use this group's name, because that just gives them more exposure, and they subscribe to the 'any PR is good PR' school of thought. I am tempted to call them stupid inbred hatemongers, but that doesn't give them enough credit for their ability to stir the souls of good people. In fact, they are far too smart for all of our own good.

They are coming to this area to protest a local High School's production of The Laramie Project and they are bringing all their normal ignorant hate signs. I've met some people who can't deal with their own obvious homosexuality, but boy the leader of this group takes the cake. He and his group of 150 lunatics (90 of which are his family mind you) are so angry with their own gayness that they have to act out against others who are more comfortable with who they are.

I've got $20 that says this guy is fucking another guy in the butt on a daily basis and after he is finished he had the concubine flog him with a knotted up string of anal beads. I got 4 words for you: closet case self loather!

So these stupid fucking hicks from Kansas are coming to my town because they cant deal with they're own gayness. They are further tormented by the fact that the world around them is slowly but surely (and correctly, i might add) coming to grips with the fact that there's nothing wrong with being gay. Rather than come around and be ok with themselves they hate the world at large for becoming accepting of the life they secretly hope to live. So they not only lash out at gays, but also anything they see as an embodiment of our free nation. So they picket at the funerals of those killed in Iraq, and they fly the US flag upside-down because they have no respect for the nation that provides the very freedoms they enjoy. A classic case all around.

I'm torn as to what my response should be when they show up this weekend. Should I ignore them, and employ the "just don't look" form of resistance argued for in a classic Simpson's episode? Or should I understand that there comes a time and a place when some one needs to be called on their bullshit? We've all seen the overwhelmed/over read mothers who just let their kids cry and continue in an unabated tantrum, thinking that all the child wants in attention. In some cases that is true that's all they want, but then their is the very effective tactic of slapping that fucking brat across his or her grill. That's what these Kansas mother fuckers need, so the "just don't look" option wont help now.

I'm not advocating violence against them in any way shape or form, because they want nothing more than a lawsuit to help fill their coffers. I am going to be there with anyone else who cares about freedom and righteousness acting as a shield between these simple minded, hell bound, non-persons and the people who want to go see this show and expand their minds. I may wear my WWJD for a Klondike bar shirt too, or make a pass at one of the guys like Aussie TV personality Charles Firth once did.


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