Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dr. Kovac, You ARE the Father.

I was looking at today's Sydney Morning Herald when I came across a great story, amid the news of Kylie's break up and an Aussie Couple's campervan cock-up. I doubt it will get much play in the US because this story is told every weekday, except when MOPO is doing make-overs or out of control teens.

A nurse at a Kosevo hospital had a kid a few weeks back and she is having a hard time figuring out who the father is. On the Maury show the hapless woman, who obviously doesn't know much about conception, would parade her list of conquests on stage to be tested, until the father was found. In Kosevo the nurse, who you would imagine is looking at a week to 10 day window of when she got knocked up, has a reported 20 men to test.

When the girls come on to the Maury set Inky and I often wonder if they are bringing a whole year's worth of guys with them because they don't understand the idea of counting back to conception. This nurse must have that covered and still she has 20 Doctors who work in her hospital as potential fathers.

That's a lot of fucking! For anyone, let alone Doctors who should be saving lives. The simple math bears out two Doc-on-nurse screw sessions a day! Well, it is Europe, and they do do things differently over there.


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