Thursday, February 15, 2007

Don't Be A Douche

I know it's snowy and cold out there, but that's no reason to be a douche-bag. People take snow storms as an excuse to be totally dismissive of other people. Every year there are a few cock holes who abandon their cars in front of our house because they cant make it up the big hills we live at the base of. They try and try to get up the hill, which Inky and I watch like some sort of Japanees game show, but in the end they fail and have to ditch in front of Casa de Inky Y Greezy. This causes the plow to have to go around the cars and go right past our driveway. That means we not only have to shovel our driveway, but also about 28 square feet of municipal roadway.

Fuck those people!

Also, fuck the people who don't clean their cars off before hitting the road. All they do is scrape thier windows and then hop in and take off. They leave the whole roof, trunk and hood's worth of snow to blow on others as they drive. Well I hope they get rectal warts!

Don't even get me started on SUV and truck drivers that think they are impervious to the elements. True, you can handel a bit better but that doesn't mean you can drive like you're in the Daytona 500. Slow down and save a life shit stain.


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