Monday, January 15, 2007

Vacation without Destination

So Inky and I hit the road last week with the original idea of driving 15 hours to Florida. Around DC we realized that was an awful long time in the car, so plan B came into play. We pulled out the atlas and looked at the possible stops along the I-95 corridor, and tried to factor the weather, visitability and price into our choice. Inky talked about a place she and her family used to stay in Virginia Beach, and so we decided to hang a left at Richmond and head for the Hampton Roads area.

We found the Newcastle Motel right where the Inky Clan left it, as well as a nice little cafe across the street called the Raven. We swam in the indoor pool and walked along the beach, the latter being made much nicer by the high 60s temps. On Thursday the place was empty of all but empty-nesters enjoying a sea side resort on the cheep. On Friday afternoon we noticed there were a lot more families who rolled into town, but almost all the licence plates we saw were from Virginia. (By the way, what's the deal with all the vanity tags in Virginia? It seems like every third car has one.)

Since I have the best wife in the world she suffered a trip to a naval antiques store in Portsmouth, and walking tour of the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk. I have this thing for navy traditions and history not to mention a love of all things that float. So other then Pearl Harbor and San Diego this was the worst place she could have gone with me. She was quite gracious on this leg of the trip, but I pushed my luck over the weekend. Click on back to TGWOOfY tomorrow for a photo montage of Inky in Colonial Williamsburg.

It was nice to get away for a few days with my lady, and it was badly needed. We had a very relaxing time (even with an F-18 flying over head every 90 seconds) and we also managed to stay very active on the trip. We walked up and down the 3 mile board walk a few times, and did quite a lot of walking at all our other stops as well. We climbed the stairs at the cleverly named Mount Trashmore, which was no easy feet. Once on top we thought for a few seconds about rolling down like all the kids, but we passed. In addition to all the walking at places like Trashmore and the USS Wisconsin we also hit the gym at the hotel breaking a long tradition of making fun of people who work out on vacation.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a little tale I like to call Inky in Williamsburg. On Wednesday I'll bring you a tale of the worst give away ever, and then on Thursday I am pleased to present a case study about warning signs in Virginia Beach.


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