Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Inky Does Williamsburg

As I said in yesterday's post, I dragged Inky to Colonial Williamsburg while we were on our little 5 day weekend trip. The Pictures here don't do justice to just how disinterested she was by all of the living history we were surounded by, but here's goes.

So here Inky is sitting on the steps of the Cobbler, I think she's thinking of ways to kill me right now.

Here Inky watches as every kid at the place begs their folks to put them in the stocks and take their picture. When I asked her for the same thing she told me I was number one.

I think Inky had a rash on her wrist this day, because everytime I pointed to an old shop, or house, or even ye ole snack stand she looked at her wrist like so

I thought she got enough sleep the night before, but I guess she must have tossed and turned, because she sure yawned a lot. Mostly when I talked about how amazing it was that people from the Colonial era were able to build things that are still around today. The building I'm talking about is the big stone one in the back ground, not the one leaning up against the fence.

I don't know if she had a stone in her shoe, or something but when I went running after the horse and carraige she had a really pained look on her face.

As it turns out we walked in the "back enterance" to the Colonial Williamsburg park, and ended up not paying for the history we saw. I felt a bit bad about it, but Inky thought it was somehow funny. She always keeps me on my toes.


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