Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Change Will Do You Good"

A few years ago Inky and I started saving our change in two different banks in the house. Before that I used a big beer mug, but the problem with that was that I used to root through it for the quarters. Now, however, we have the type of banks you need a screwdriver to open and that has caused us stop dipping in when we needed toll money or what have you.

We cashed out about $40 in change before we went to Vegas and about $70 before we went to Australia. Ever since coinstar started giving full credit if you take a gift card, we have been breaking into the stash a little more often. The last time we did it was in early fall and I got about $40 out, which I used for Christmas shopping. I was amazed when I busted them open on Friday and Inky and I got $55.79 out of it after only a few months. That's 147 Quarters, 117 Dimes, 94 Nickels, and 264 pennies!

It's like found money. Just like a rebate on an item you buy that you need anyway, or a twenty dollar bill you find in the pocket of you winter coat after it's been in the closet all summer. So now Inky and I have about 28 bucks each to spend at amazon and next time it could be circuit city or itunes. What a country!


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frank said...

umm mike and i do this...we have this huge mason jar that we save coins in...we started to wrap all of it after christams...and is over $400...i was shocked...its a great way to save