Tuesday, December 26, 2006

TGWOOfY 25 Records of '06: 10-15

I’m Back from Christmas and I hope everyone who celebrates had a great day, I know I did, even thought I left my hot dogs behind. What follows is the third installment of the TGWOOfY Top 25 Records of 2006. I was disturbed to find that Rolling Stone has 7 of my top 25 on their Top 50. I’m seeking help.

#15. Pretty Girls Make Graves – ‘Elan Vital. For their third record these Indie-rockers from the Pacific North West tried a little something different from their previous two records. And it worked really well. The songs on these tracks are still bold and funky like most of PGMG’s old work, but they also show off all the signs that the group is growing and evolving. Even through a line up change and an extended recording session the group seems to be getting more en sync with one another. This is one of the records I picked up in my brief time on emusic but every time I listen to it I think about going back.
Favorite Tracks: Parade, The Nocturnal House, Pyrite Pedestal.

#14. The Be Good Tanyas – Hello Love.
This is one of the last records I purchased for the year, so I think it’s place on the list is a testament to just how much I like it. My musical taste osculates wildly from classic rock and punk to indie rock and folk, so wanted to show a bit of that in this list. The first time I heard the Tanyas was on an episode of Showtime’s The L Word, and that sent me to their MySpace page. This record makes for good listening on a long drive or at your desk. If some of the songs seem familiar to you then it’s because the Tanyas have large number of covers on this record including Neil Young’s “For the Turnstiles” expertly sung by Frazey Ford.
Favorite Tracks: Ootischenia, Human Thing, When Doves Cry

#13. Regina Spektor – Begin to Hope
. She’s everywhere these days, so why shouldn’t she be on my list. You can hear Regina Spektor on at least 2 or 3 TV ads, on TV shows like Weeds, Grey’s Anatomy, and Veronica Mars and she rules the web. She blew up on MySpace and YouTube and now she’s starting to cross over onto radios around the nation, even being the spokes-song for XM radio. The best part is that the record bares her out. It is filled with creative songs and strange vocal Olympics that are off-putting to some, but loved by others. Favorite Tracks: Better, On the Radio, Fidelity.

#12. The Long Blondes – Someone to Drive You Home.
I like this Sheffield 5 piece so much that I’m putting this record in the top half of my list with out ever owning it. It’s only been out for a month and a half, and the best I can do is listen to tracks on MySpace and click track by tack on fan sites. I have heard 9 of the 12 songs on the record in this fashion and so far I’ve been blown away. I also picked up one of their EP’s earlier in the year, but that just made me want the LP more. I held of on buying the record till now so I could see if Santa brought me a copy. Now I have found one on ebay for next to nothing so it will be taking it’s rightful place among the others I picked up this year.
Favorite Tracks: Weekend Without Makeup, Once and Never Again, Heaven Help the New Girl.

#11. Veruca Salt – IV.
Even thought Louise Post is the only member of this group who was there when I was first introduced to them, I like them just about as much now as I did then. Post just has a great voice for rock music, no matter what sub-genre you want to lump her’s in with. VSIV is a powerful record from start to finish, jumping out of the gate fast with “So Weird” rounding the turn with the awesome some “Closer” and bursting across the line with “Salt Flat Epic”
Favorite Tracks: Closer, Damage Done, So Weird.


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