Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Changes to the List

The time us upon us to make lists and check them twice. In checking my list of women I'm allowed to cheat on Inky with, I realized it was time to make some changes. (In Casy Kasem voice): Breaking in to the list for the first time, It's our long distance dedication. At #3 here's Scarlett Johansson.

Let's face it, no matter how hot she is, we are all getting just a bit tired of hearing about Angelina Jolie. So, I have to cast her asunder. I know she will be very hurt by my rejection, but it's nothing she can't fix with another hit on her crack pipe of choice: adoption.

Ms. Johansson will take Angelina's spot in the top 5, breaking onto the chart at #3. The rankings are for sport alone, as all 5 women are winners already in the most important way of all. They can do the nasty with me. That makes them one of only 6 woman in the world who are allowed to do the horizontal mambo with the Greazy one. 6 out of three billion: that is one elite group of people.

Scarlett is a special kind of hot, that sets her apart from Angelina as well as so many other high profile women. All you have to do is watch "The Island" and you will realize that she is just as believable as an ass kicking leading lady as she is as a sultry seductress in "Match Point." And she has the versatility to be a voice in the Sponge Bob movies. Of course the first time most of us took notice of her was in "Lost in Translation" which featured her end in one of the best movie beginnings of all times. She may not be as exotic as others, but her natural beauty makes her a perfect fit on my top five list.

The others who are on the list are:

#1 Sheryl Crow. #2 Liz Phair. #4 Christina Aguilera. #5 Lauren Jackson.



Angry Inky said...

There are 6 Billion people in the world, doofus.

frank said...

yeah seriously...there are 3 billion people just in that place with the slanty eyed pepole and many wharehouse of shitty toy...

ycpgreazy said...

I was talking about the half of the 6 billion people in the world who have a vag.