Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Is it really too much to ask? Honestly. Take the time to read a few newspapers, listen to a debate or two check the voting record and take 15 minutes to pull a lever or touch a computer screen. There are people in this world who would fight and die to have the ability to have a representative government like ours. In fact our progenitors did fight and die for the right to chose their own leadership absent of any external pressure. One wonders how we now find ourselves in a situation where not only do a shockingly low amount of people exercise their right to vote; but that some of those that do have to do so in a Church like I will have to today. Our forefathers had this crazy notion about separating church and state… but I’m getting of topic.

There are people in this country who vote with more enthusiasm and regularity for American Idol then they to for the American Government. Meanwhile there are people in the rubble that once was Iraq who risked death to vote. Anyone else see a paradox here? I know it’s hard to pull yourself away from keeping up to date on what Paris Hilton is up to, or who got kicked off the island or out of the Flavor of Love house but come on people! Do the work! Take a few moments to listen to what people say and think about how it will impact your life.

Then go to the polls and cast your vote in either direction, but do it with some knowledge behind it, not just cause the guy on TV or Radio said it was a good idea. For too long now the rich have gotten richer on our backs, and the powerful have become nearly invincible by leading their sheep to do their bidding. Enough is enough, get out there and vote for our best interests and send them a message. I mean all of them, Democrat and Republican, because they have all set up this system that really only serves to line their pockets and keep them in office. Our only recourse is to keep rolling them over in order to keep them honest. Is that really too much to ask?


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