Monday, November 13, 2006

Song Spotlight: One (The Bank of America Version)

If any of you haven't seen this on Talk Soup or YouTube then run, do not walk to see it. The best place to see it, is at YouTube where you can also enjoy some of the great comments. I have no love for Bank of America, nor MBNA. But, what I really hate is fake-ass rah rah stuff, and this parody version of U2's "One" is about as stupid as it comes. I have taken the time to painstakingly transcribe the lyrics to the song, but to do it justice you should click the link and watch it.

Performed by Jim "the Douche" Dubois
Accompanied by Ethan "too much gray hair to rock" Chandler

It is even better
Now that we’re the same
Two great companies come together, now
MBNA is B of A

And it’s one bank
One card
One name that’s known all over the world
One spirit
And we get to share it
Leading us all to higher standards
Ooh Ooh, Mmh, Mmh.

Do you like the Cowboys
Or your University
Do you like the Yankees
Or is NASCAR more your speed
Well it’s your choice
Your right
To pick a card that shows your heart and your pride
Were one
With Affinity
And we’ll carry each other, carry each other

Have you come to meet Bruce Hammonds
Have you come to meet Lee McGee
Have you heard about Michelle Shepard
She’s leading a team in the north east
And we’ve got Bank One
On the run
What’s in your wallet, It’s not Capitol One
It’s us
So which card are you
Integration never had us feeling so good

And we’ll make lots of money
Forever I can sing
About trusting in teamwork
And doing the right thing
We’ll live out our core values
While the competition crawls
Because they want what we have got
But it’s only here
At Bank of America

One Bank
One Card
One name that’s known all over the world
One heart
Filled with spirit
With Feeling
We Share it
One Bank
Working every day
To bring higher standards
Higher standards
We are one
We are one
We are one Bank

12/12/06 - UPDATE! There is now a live version performed by David Cross and Johnny Marr on youtube. It is just as funny even though David needs to come to TGWOOfY to get the words right. I love that this story won’t die, I hate BOA that much.


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Angry Inky said...

This is quite possibly the funniest thing on YouTube. And, that is saying a lot. God, corporate culture is priceless