Friday, October 27, 2006

Movie Review: Man of the Year

I checked out the new Robin Williams movie "Man of the Year" the other day and I really enjoyed it. For anyone who liked the film "Dave" this will be right up your ally. In this "what would happen if Jon Stewart ran for office" flick Williams is actually good again. It's been years since I liked him in anything where he was supposed to be funny and the last movie I liked him in at all was "Good Will Hunting." So I was a bit surprised how much I liked his performance.

The plot was just what the ads make it out to be. A smart ass, yet smart, late night "fake news" host gets his name on the ballot in 13 states. With out giving away any of the plot line I will say that the campaign scenes were worth the price of admission. Some of the points that are made couldn't be more right on then if they were brought up in a Poly Sci class. The humor comes and goes, and anyone that is looking for "American Pie" will be upset. Most of the humor requires you to think, but it is added to by some sex, drugs and fart jokes. I say it is good work out of all involved and I think you should check it out.


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