Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Congressman Pantiliner (R-Wisc.)

I've often said one of the biggest problems with this country is that there are too many people who just had it all handed to them. These are the descendants of people who actually worked hard to make their millions, and then when they died had no one else to give it all to but their lazy, privileged kids. There was a group of people in this country at one time who made their money through (menstrual) blood, sweat, and tears. Take Frank Sensenbrenner for example who invented the Kotex line of feminine hygiene products almost 90 years ago. He had a good idea that no one else thought of and made it happen. He took all of the money he made from his product and became the CEO of the company that distributed them. That was good work out of him.

The problem is that Frank has a great grandson named Jim Sensenbrenner who has a ton of money he never had to work for, and he is making choices in Congress that impact all of us work-a-day stiffs. There are tons of other privileged kids who have gone on to be lack luster leaders of our country; like our current President, and our former Vice President for example. They have now idea what life is like for 90% of the people in this country, and shit needs to change.

Maybe we should impose a limit on the net worth you can have upon entering public office. Or perhaps we should really just put in the damn term limits people have been talking about for 40 years. Let these second and third generation rich kids ruin America by running big corporations that send our jobs overseas, but not the government too. That's like having a cannibal who is in charge of getting your meat and also cooking it. As long as you give him the steak you can be pretty sure what your eating. But, if you let him get the meat you may be eating Mr. Nichols from next door. And that's not good for you, or Mr. Nichols.

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Angry Inky said...

I would go with Panty-Liner, it looks better. All I have to say to that guy is--TAMPONS!!