Sunday, September 03, 2006

When we were on the air.

My brother introduced me to a NYC based trio called Girlyman who sing some wonderful harmonies, and write some damn fine songs. The first time I listened to their song "On the Air" a certain line rang true for me. "I was someone then, when we were on the air." For four years while I was in college I spent the lion's share of my time at the campus radio station, both as a DJ and in various rolls among the student leadership. This was the place where I cultivated most of the friendships that I have maintained since college, and most importantly, where I met Inky.

I don't want to sound as if the last 8 years have been shit when compared to the 4 in college, because that's just not true. I live a wonderful life, and wouldn't trade it for almost anything. That said, there was a certain freedom to everyday life in college that you can never get back. That's mostly what I miss. It was a time where "full time" meant 15 credit hours and a few clubs or organizations and a whole lot of drinking and hooking up.

Most of these things are resigned to our past, no matter how hard we may ever try to resurrect them. I'm 30. There's no more going to frat partys, being the judge in a kissing contest, or playing beer-pong for hours on end. It's like Chris Rock said: "You don't want to be the old guy at the club." But, I'm surrounded by youth these days, and I can't help be effected by it. I walk around campus each and every day, albeit in my suit, and I feel a little more pep in my step.

"Greazy, you're all over the place here. What's the point?"

Well the point is, this. "I was someone then when we were on the air." Not to the world at large, but to my self. Shit, the signal from the radio station didn't even cover all of campus when I started. Even after we moved to a stronger transmitter and a higher frequency we just barely covered half the town. But, I was someone in my own mind, which in the end is all you need. I would sit there atop my stool with the big mic hanging down in front of me, with XL or Inky at my side and feel like I was on top of the world. We got pumped up by producing a funny bit, or a witty liner, and we would pat ourselves on the back when we expertly faded the end of one song into the intro to the next. "People just don't know!" Inky would say on these occasion , referring to the amount of practice and skill this audio transaction really took.

Now, there's the chance for us to be somebody to ourselves again. We may take the reigns of another radio show, back in the same booth. I know there's no chance of being 21 again, but I'm also grown up enough to know that there is nothing wrong with that. I know now that all we need to do if find the little things that make us feel like someone, no matter our age.


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