Monday, September 11, 2006

They're right. I don't.

Working on a college campus has a few ups and downs. One of the negative things about it, is how old it can make a 30 year old guy feel. Here are all these 18 to 22 year olds walking around in huge sweatshirts and shorts while talking on their cell phones. Sure we all wore shorts in the winter and heavy sweatshirts in the summer but god knows we didn't have cel phones when I was in college, which was only 8 years ago. One of the other ways I feel old is all of the fads that I know nothing about. One thing I have seen all over campus this semester is bumper stickers and window clings that read "It's a Jeep Thing... you wouldn't understand." I know this is not only a college student fad, because I've seen these before, but never in this concentration. I've seen 7 or 8 of them on our campus of only five thousand students. What I want to know is this: what am I not understanding? It would be one thing if these stickers were on Jeep Wranglers with mud all over the sides and big knobby tires for off roading. But, these stickers are almost all on Jeep Cherokees, the soccer mom car of the 90's. If they are dirty it's because they haven't been washed not because they have been out thrashing up some bog. Do they get really good gas mileage? Is that what I don't understand?

The bigger question is not if it's a jeep thing or not, it's why we have allowed this to go on. I couldn't get away with putting a sticker on my car that said "It's a saturn thing, you wouldn't understand." So let's rise up en masse and say "we do understand, and we are not impressed." That is all.


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frank said...

well why not have a bumper sticker that said "its a saturn thing..."
when saturns started there was a kindof VW like club thing going on...but no longer....
as for the jeep theory is that all those kids can only shop at walmart and they had a sale...rednceks try and make "Fetch" happen all the time