Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Show Review: "Dane Cook, Vicious Circle"

I hate to do this, but here it is. I've been into Dane Cook for years now. I first saw him on Comedy Central as part of Cam Neely's special, and he was fucking hilarious. His bit about public restrooms alone made him an instant favorite. Shortly after that Dane made an appearance on KML a morning radio show in Baltimore, where I was living at the time. As his records have come out I have snatched them up, and shared the joy that is Dane Cook with my friends and coworkers. Hell, at my last job we spoke "Daneish" as a second language.

And so it was that we gathered at a former coworkers house to watch his first HBO special "Vicious Circle." Hat's off to Rob who had ruffles, Cristal Lite and cashews on hand for the event. They were delicious and nutritious. We all watched Dane take the stage with mounting anticipation, and for the most part he didn't let us down. There were a few jokes that were recycled from past records, but he did spruce them up with new angles. There were a few show stoppers that had all of us laughing till we thought we were going to puke. I don't want to give away any of the big Punch lines or point out any of the great set ups, so I'll just say it was classic Dane. He may have done a mile or two between the walk out, the pursuit of a fan who came to the stage and then retreated to the seats, and his constant motion on stage. Dane's body motion isn't his signature move, but it's damn close. In the end it was 90 minutes of great comedy, and I say to Dane: That's good work out of you."


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