Monday, September 25, 2006

On the Road Again

This past weekend I hit the road with XL for a mini road trip. Over the years XL and I have gone all over the place on our trips; from St. Louis to Florida, and The Baseball hall of fame to the Football Hall. There was a time when we could take 4 or 5 days and do a long trip, but as we get older our trips seem to get shorter. And so it was that we both realized we had a two days free this weekend, so why not hit the road.

He arrived at my house on Saturday at 10:00 and we headed north to Pottsville PA and the D.G. Yuengling brewery. The tour there if free, and actually quite interesting. After spending some time and money in the gift shop we walked with our tour guide and the twenty or so others through the 175 year old beer birthplace. Yuengling sells itself as the nations oldest brew house, and walking through its hand tunneled underground caves, you believe it. The guide gives you the history of the family owned company, and the basics of how their beer is made. For those of you who have never tilted a Yuengling Lager, you are truly missing out on a great American beer. At the end of the tour XL and I downed our two free samples and headed south to another of Eastern Pennsylvania's treasures.

This next stop was all about eating rather then drinking. We queued Billy Joel's "Allentown" up and let 'er rip just as we crossed the city line into that city. The lyrics seemed rather apropos to the situation of modern Allentown. Billy said "the restlessness was handed down, and it's getting very hard to stay" and I think a lot of people didn't. They should have, however, if for no other reason then for Yocco's Hotdogs. What is a Yocco's you ask; well apparently the name came from the founder's last name Iacocca, as in Lee who is related to the founder. They couldn't say it right and so Yocco's was born. Their hotdogs are fucking brilliant, so you can call them whatever you want. They put chopped onion and mustard on the bun and then put the well grilled dog in chili before putting it in the bun. XL and I went to the original shop in downtown Allentown for the first part of our Yocco's experience only to find they don't have a fryer. That meant no pierogies, which was unacceptable, so we ate three dogs each there and washed them down with a cherry coke and hit the road again. This time we made our way to the location off rt 78 on PA 100. There we each had another dog and a half and a large order of pierogies. Filled to the brim we headed south again.

Our last stop on Saturday was Franklin field in Philly. A friend of ours calls the games for the University of Pennsylvania football team and we went to see their game against Villinova. It was a perfect night for a football game, and it turned out to be a very entertaining game. There was a ton of scoring in the first half and none in the second, but big plays and tense moments throughout and UPenn had a chance to tie the game at 27 from the 7 yardline with :06 to go. In the end the pass was high, but its ok cause with an Ivy league education those kids will be the ones laughing in a few years. (I'm not putting Nova down but they are no Penn.)

After crashing at my Inky in law's house for the night XL and I woke up and headed home, the long way. See we had to go all the way up to rt 78 so we could stop off for breakfast at Yocco's. Three dogs and two large orders of pierogies later we were off to another friends house for a football double header. More good times awaited us as we watched The Redskins (my team) and The Ravens (XL's team) win and we ate pizza, wings and chips. Our bypass surgery is set for next Monday.

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XL said...

Our weekend kicked fucking ass. The car also smelled like fucking ass because neither of us could shit.