Friday, September 29, 2006

I (can't) Believe the children are our future.

I had occasion to spend a few hours with the future of our country the other night. I was in a room with 20 college students, basically doing nothing. They thought I was there to make sure they were getting their work done, but I was really just there because my boss told me to go, and it seamed like a good time to read a few chapters of my book.

As 18 to 22 year olds are so want to do, they took a lot of breaks. They would swing their chairs around to face one another and start to gab. Seeing this, I would put my book down and walk into the room to break them up. It was kind of like the umpire taking a walk out to the mound to break up a talk between the pitcher and catcher.

One conversation was worth just sitting back and listening to, however. One young girl was talking about how bad her sorority's pledge class was expected to be. The other girl, lets call her Dumb Ass (not her real name), said that was nothing. Her boyfriend's frat only had two pledges and one of them was Blue (not his real name, or pledge name that I am aware of). She went on to say that she didn't think Blue would get into her boyfriend's frat because... well you know. I didn't know, and neither did the other girl apparently, because she just shrugged her shoulders. Dumb Ass pressed further by dragging out the word "you" with her response: "Yoooooou Know!" After a short Abbot and Costello like routine in which she danced around the subject she just came right out and said it:

Dumb Ass: "He's a Milano"
Other Girl: "A what?"
Me (to myself): Yeah, a what?
Dumb Ass: "You know, half black half white."
Other Girl: "Oh, yeah."
Me (to myself): Christ help us, if these dim wits are going to be running the country one day.



Libertarian Commentarian said...

I'm a bit surprised, Mr Thesaurus didn't educate the young shits and explain : 1) The word is Mulatto, 2) It's not nice to hold ethnicity against a person (as your Italian and my Irish ancestors can attest to)... 3) That's the type of person they accept at York today -- which wasn't the case back in the day (on a Wednesday), and 4) Milan is a city... Hopefully they'll drop out, ar get drunk and run the car off the road or find some way to remove themselves from the gene-pool.

frank said...

if only they knew that the milanos have the biggest dicks...who knew that such a small cooke sould be soo hung..

Angry Inky said...

Sometimes, I like to dip them in milk. Wait, we're not talking about cookies at all, are we? Damn.

frank said...

whats a raspbery milano? is that a 1/3 white 1/3 black 1/3 american indian?

and a mint milano?

ycpgreazy said...

I think a mint Milano is half black half irish.