Saturday, September 16, 2006

Greazy & Inky's Baby.

So with Inky turning 30 yesterday we officially became a member of the US's fastest growing problem. We are a couple in our 30's who have no kids. Right wing nutjobs all hate people like us, because we are not propagating the white race. I say fuck 'em, I have other shit to do with my life. Case in point: we purchased a new (old) dining room table this week. It is a vintage 1950's table, complete with the chrome legs, and accent piece on the side. The chairs have the original vinyl on them, with hardly a knick to be found. The table seats 6, but what cracks me up is how tiny the chairs are. I guess the American ass has gotten a lot bigger in the last 50 years. Inky and I both think this table has a lot more character then the shit we would have paid five times more for at a store today. These table sets went for right around $150.00 in '56 and we didn't pay a whole lot more in '06. Now we just need to work on getting a house with some more character, like a row home downtown and we'll really be on our way.


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