Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gotta Love Netflix!!!

When I was a kid, we used to flip through the back of TV guide, on a mission. We looked at each and every movie capsule in search of the tiny letters that told parents what to look for before letting your child watch a movie. "N" for nudity was jackpot, but there was also "SC" for sexual content and if desperate you may settle for "BN" for brief nudity. And thus another safeguard put in place by adults to shield kids from "grown up" material proved a gateway to what we wanted to see, or hear. (See the Parental Advisory label on Records as well.)

These days we have TIVO to show us the N's, AC's and BN's, and thanks to cable coupled with Bush's ever dropping approval rating, you can still see soft core porn in your own home. You can also look over the suggestions that Netflix gives you and take a flier on a movie you may not otherwise see. And so it was that I put "Cheeky" in my queue a few months ago. It took a while to work it's way to the top of my list of movies, but once it did... Holy shit! Sure this movie was made by infamous Italian movie maker Tinto Brass. The same guy who teamed with Gore Vidal to make "Caligula" back in the late 70's, but I was not prepared for modern Italian film making. I had seen "Caligula" when I was in college and thought it was funny that so many people thought this porn movie was a masterpiece of the cinema. That didn't prepare me for Brass' latest piece of art: a movie which finally steps up to honor the female backside.

To be totally fair, I have not seen the whole movie, just bits and pieces as I was making a copy. That said, what I did see was amazing. Through the subtitles I gathered that the main character, a girl with a lovely caboose as seen in the above picture, is having problems renting her London Flat out. Somehow, each time I checked back with the progress of the recording she was in some sexual situation or another. Be it at the bath house, in the powder room at a party, or in the flat itself she was involved in sexual congress with scads of men and women. And this little miracle came right to my door with a tiny self addressed, postage paid return envelope! All I have to say is, that's good work out of you Netflix, and that's some more good work out of you Tinto Brass and Yuliya Mayarchuk.


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