Monday, August 07, 2006

Movie Review: Clerks II

I was waiting to post about this movie until I saw it a second time so I could fill in the info I missed while I was laughing myself silly. But, alas, Central Pennsylvania blows, and it is only showing at our one theater one time a day now. That's the loss of movie goers around here, because this was one of the funniest movies of the year. Bar none.

First things first, this is a sequel to the out of the blue hit movie "Clerks" from 1994, but if you didn't see the original, or if you saw it and hated it you can still see this flick. The acting in the first Clerks was abysmal, and for good reason, namely all the actors were amateurs. The movie was made for about the cost of one grip for a half an hour on a big budget Hollywood feature. Clerks II was also made on a small budget, but about 10,000 times what its forerunner was put together for.

The story line is solid, and even when it is predictable it holds your attention. Main characters Randal and Dante are just as funny as in the first movie, but come across so much better now that Anderson and O'Halloran are more skillful with their craft. The Cast gets a major kick in the ass with the introduction of Becky (Rosairo Dawson) and Elias (Trevor Fehrman) who work with Randal and Dante at the Mooby's fast food joint. This film was carried by these four, along with a few really awesome scenes with Jay and Bob, who always manage to steal the stage. (It helps to have a best friend who wrote the movie)

The humor here is noting short of disgusting and offensive. And I loved every second of it. For god sake, don't take your kids to this movie and if you are the type of person to bitch about how society is slipping: STAY THE FUCK AWAY!

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