Thursday, August 10, 2006

Maybe we need a new system.

When I get going on this topic a lot of people have a tendency to call me a communist. I however approach this issue from the standpoint of: sometimes what makes the most sense is right no matter how hard it is to execute. The photo you see here is of the Yacht belonging to Paul Allen who made retarded fuck loads of money at Microsoft. As a disclaimer I will say that the system has it set up that if you make a better mousetrap (or at least a really well marketed one, even if it crashes all the time) then you deserve to reap the benefits. So I guess I can't complain that Allen has a boat that costs more than the amount a whole nation of people can earn in their life. He is just playing by the rules. He has a boat so big that it can't even get to the ports in the Med where people spend more money on one meal then it would cost to feed whole cities.

So we need to fix the system. Isn't it time to stop asking anyone who makes less then, oh lets say 50k a year for tax money. Can't we start asking the Allen's and Gates' and countless other millionaires to foot the bill for the poor and working poor in our country. Shit, I think they should even have to foot the bill for middle class. Why you ask? Because they can. They can afford it, and the reason they can is because they have gotten rich on our backs. The same as the oil barons, and railroad barons etc of the past. Call me a socialist or a communist or whatever you like, but I think it's more then time for the rich to start pulling their share, even if it means they have to get a smaller boat.



Angry Inky said...

Whatever you say, COMMIE!!

Libertarian Commentarian said...

Yeah you're red like Poppa Smurf... Uncle Joe and Chairman Mao...but I agree with your views... if you run for president I'll run as your Veep... and shoot someone in the face!!! No really I agree maybe not communist but certainly socialist... we have the money in our economy to handle the social programs like education, affordable housing, food for all, and federally subsidized education, as well as federally subsidized medicine...You know this sheet needs changed... :)