Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just what in the hell is wrong with you people?

De gustibus non est disputandum. Or in English There's no accounting for taste. This I know all to well, and for the most part I'm happy to allow people to enjoy anything that makes them happy. In fact as I get older I feel even more strongly that we all should take as much time finding that which makes us happy, because: Vita nostra brevis est, or, Our lives are short.

All that said, I sometimes wonder if people are really doing the work. Are they taking the time to decide if they really like something, or are they are just backing into it. I wish we could require some people to "show their work" like in long division, so that they could provide some bridge from 'why do you like this crap' to 'I like it because I like it' which is always the answer. Sure I can't argue with some one about what they like, but just like Sister Mary Margaret in 6th grade I think I am entitled to ask for you all to show your work.

What the fuck do you like about Paris Hilton? I mean that in every way possible, not just about her watered down island rhythm song with drivel for lyrics. "If you show me real love, baby, then I'll show you mine." WHAT? Come on people, don't we have the right to expect more than this from those who are lucky enough to live the life of a star. I know Paris is trying as hard as her country club up bringing will allow, but this smacks of less effort then her fellatio technique. It would have been bad enough that she even got to make a massively post produced and pitch corrected record if it was as well received as one of Shaq's, but this steaming pile of excrement is a fuckin' hit.

I hate to sound old here, but there was a time in this country when we really tried. When you only got but so many chances to make it before you were shown the door. Time was if you already showed that you were bad at having sex on film, worse at acting on TV and in movies and seemingly incapable of just being born rich and being happy with that, then you were cast aside. But, now we will just sit back and watch as these worthless waists of space keep running that play till they get it right. Ok maybe not right, but good enough. As a matter of fact we should change that to the national slogan. America: Good Enough.

Come on folks, get your head in the game, and tell Paris to go back to giving it.


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