Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm just too fat for this kind of heat.

Ok, I've had enough. I give up. I've packed my bags and I'm going to live with my family in Maine, cause I just cant stand this type of heat. Inky hates it when I talk about the heat, or the cold, rain, snow, lack of rain, or unusual high or low amounts of wind. Most people can't stand it when people talk about the weather but, alas most of us do. And for good reason, we are spoiled by air conditioning, at home, at work and in our cars. Ask your self this: If you got a job offer from a really great company, but they didn't have AC would you take it? Likewise, would you buy that quaint little house down the street if you found out you had to spend the next 10 years huddled around a window unit? Of course for 99% the answer is no, because we are spoiled.


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